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These CORE Values

are our  reflections on how every 

Hospice For All Seasons

 Core Values

S- Spirituality

​​H- Humility

A -Accountability

R- Respect

E- Empathy

​​The mission of Hospice For All Seasons, LLC is to provide​ the highest quality of care to patients and their families, when dealing with a life limiting illness.

We recognize each patient as an individual, with a unique life and end of life experience. Our staff is committed to providing care in an atmosphere of compassion, dignity, and respect for those who we are honored to serve.

mission statement

These core values were employee inspired by their caring hearts.

Creating Hospice For All Seasons,

has been the dream of founder Lisa DeOrnellas RN,

for more than 10 years. 

In January 2010, one of Lisa's dearest friends, Susan Giblin, succumbed to Leukemia at the age of 46. The loss of her friend became the initiative for Lisa to actualize her dream of developing a hospice service that was truly focused on the needs of patients and their families. Lisa states, "Susan lived her life to the fullest and the memory of her became the impetus for me to follow my dreams and passions. Since Susan's passing I have felt a strong emotional and spiritual directive to act on these dreams now. "

As a dedicated and experienced hospice nurse, Lisa has always been a staunch patient advocate , dedicated to providing patients with the  highest quality of care while recognizing each patient as an individual with needs unique to their situation. She believes hospice care should be delivered with compassion, quality, dignity and respect for all persons in Life's final season.

In 2010, Lisa and a group of experienced hospice professionals, set about developing a premier hospice service that would treat people first. A hospice focused on people as individuals, not numbers. She envisioned a hospice that "provided patients with true healthcare advocates, uncompromisingly committed to assuring that patients' needs are met physically, emotionally and spiritually." She also wanted to provide her staff an atmosphere of support and value, so that they could perform their best for the community they serve. That Hospice dream has become a reality with the formation of Hospice For All Seasons. We'd love the opportunity to be there to walk beside you on your life path: guiding, supporting and caring throughout your journey. 

At Hospice For All Seasons, we offer more than just the classic hospice services of RN Case Managers, Certified Nursing Assistants, Medical Social Workers, Bereavement Coordinators, Chaplain, and Volunteers. Our services are a unique approach to the Mind/Body/Spirit trinity for end of life care with a TRUE focus on the patient and their family.