Our Integrative Arts Program (IAP) blends our expertise of specialized medical care with licensed or certified staff skilled in a number of holistic therapies such as: Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Guided Imagery, Reiki and Therapeutic Touch

Massage relieves stress and promotes relaxation, but it is also helpful for issues caused by muscular pain. 

Aromatherapy uses scent to evoke feelings of peace, comfort, lightness. The highest grade of essential oils help to calm the mind, to ease breathing by opening head & chest, and to support other symptoms in a non-pharmaceutical way. 

Reflexology is a therapy that addresses all areas of the body via the reflex channels in the foot, hands or ears. Often used for: symptoms such as nausea/constipation and for decreasing stress or pain.

Guided Imagery uses the power of your own mind to teach you how to work with feelings of stress/worry, pain, trouble sleeping and more. Through guided imagery you can experience a place of rest and rejuvenation.

Reiki & Therapeutic Touch  are energy work practices. The practitioner acts as a vessel of loving presence which allows the receiver to experience whatever is needed. Most people say they feel a deep sense of peace and comfort.

Hospice For All Seasons is focused on providing quality, compassionate, individualized care for patients and their families, when facing a life-limiting illness or injury. Our services are provided by an interdisciplinary team of experienced healthcare professionals, working together to support you through an often difficult season of life. Our goal is to maximize quality of life, control pain, manage symptoms and provide social, psychological and spiritual support to those we are honored to serve. Hospice For All Seasons affirms life with the goal of helping patients live the remainder of their lives as fully and comfortably as possible.

We Honor Veterans program tools and resources enabling enrollees such as Hospice For All Seasons to:

  • Commit to honoring veterans at the end of life
  • Learn more about caring for veterans
  • Access resources to support veterans at the end of life
  • Provide veteran-centered education for staff
  • Measure Quality and Outcomes

"​As a locally owned and operated hospice, we have a unique understanding of your community and the local support and service agencies available to assist you, because we live here too!"

Hospice neither hastens nor prolongs death. With hospice, care shifts from cure to comfort, focusing on pain and symptom management, and quality of life. Our goal is to help patients live as fully and comfortably as possible. When curative treatments are no longer working and/or a patient no longer desires to continue them, hospice is an available treatment option. Most people, if asked, will say they dream of a peaceful, comfortable end of life experience, surrounded by their loved ones. Our interdisciplinary team of trained professionals work together to deliver hospice services that can make that dream a reality.

Palliative care is a resource for anyone living with a serious illness, such as heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cancer, dementia, Parkinson's disease, and many others. Palliative care can be helpful at any stage of illness and is best provided from the point of diagnosis.

In addition to improving quality of life and helping with symptoms, palliative care can help patients understand their choices for medical treatment. The organized services available through palliative care may be helpful to any older person having a lot of general discomfort and disability very late in life. Palliative care can be provided along with curative treatment and does not depend on prognosis.

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Hospice For All Seasons provides services without regard to ability to pay, age, sex, race, creed, color, national origin, religion, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation or lifestyle.

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