​Hospice For All Seasons provides services without regard to ability to pay, age, sex, race, creed, color, national origin, religion, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation or lifestyle.

  • Our passionate caregivers
  • Respiratory Therapist on staff
  • Integrative Arts Program-
  • More CNA visits than most hospices
  • Smaller staffing case load for better individualized care

What makes us unique

These core values are employee inspired, and are our commitment on how every:     Patient, Patient's Family, Community Partner, and Team Member will be treated every day! 

S - Spirituality





Hospice For All Seasons'

 Core Values

Creating Hospice For All Seasons, has been the dream of founder, Lisa DeOrnellas, RN, for more than 10 years. 

In January 2010, one of Lisa's dearest friends, Susan Giblin, succumbed to Leukemia at the age of 46. The loss of her friend became the initiative for Lisa to actualize her dream of developing a hospice service that focused on the unique needs of patients and their families. Lisa states, "Susan lived her life to the fullest and the memory of her became the impetus for me to follow my dreams and passions. Since Susan's passing, I felt a strong emotional and spiritual directive to act on these dreams now."

As an experienced hospice nurse, Lisa has always been a staunch patient advocate, dedicated to providing patients with the highest quality care while recognizing each patient as an individual with unique needs. She believes hospice care should be delivered with compassion, quality, dignity and respect.

In 2010, Lisa and a group of experienced hospice professionals established a premier hospice service that put people first. Instead of focusing on how many people could be cared for, the emphasis was placed on how well we could care for people.  Lisa envisioned a hospice that "provided patients with true healthcare advocates, uncompromisingly committed to assuring that patients' needs are met physically, emotionally and spiritually." 


​In every season ... we'll be there.

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"​​​​​​When passion becomes a plan,                       incredible things happen."

mission statement

​​The mission of Hospice For All Seasons, LLC, is to provide​ the highest quality of care to patients and their families, when dealing with a life limiting illness.

We recognize each patient as an individual, with a unique life and end of life experience. Our staff is committed to providing care in an atmosphere of compassion, dignity, and respect for those who we are honored to serve.